Verifeasy becomes Nabu

As we are getting ready to start a beta program of our prototype's V2, Verifeasy becomes Nabu to establish a strong brand focused on innovation and excellence.

Arnaud Doly

Verifeasy becomes Nabu as we are getting ready to start our beta program in September with four major banks and a large industrial group. Named after the babylonian god of knowledge and literacy, our platform leverages artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art data analysis algorithms to read your documents and make sure they are compliant with the relevant business rules and regulation.

As the amount of data to analyse is growing and regulation becomes more stringent year after year, it is becoming vital for trade finance not only to digitise the enormous amount of paper circulating in documentary trade, but also to digitialise its operations. Often regarded as one of the most paper-based and manual-intensive sector of the financial industry, most processes haven’t changed in decades, and this lack of innovation leads to a costly, time-consuming and error prone system.


The Covid-19 crisis highlighted the weaknesses of the actual processes, and if digital transformation could have been seen as a trend before, it is now regarded as a priority.

Real aid for decision-making, Nabu’s platform integrates easily into your workflow, offloading the most complex, tedious and data-heavy task of trade finance: document’s compliance checks. We have been developing an AI-based solution that works to automate the document examination, helping you to make quick and clear decisions.

We’re on a mission to transform trade finance’s centuries old operations with innovative technology, turning complex manual processes into simple automated actions.