One platform.
Countless impacts.

Nabu is on a mission to digitise the archaic, manual processes of trade finance with innovative technology.

For documentary credits alone, around $7 billion are lost each year because of discrepant documents, and millions of hours are spent on examination.

Nabu brings a fresh mindset in a sector that barely enjoyed innovation in the past century. Stuck in paper-based and manual-intensive operations, the industry now focuses on blockchain to switch to paperless trade. If digitising the four billion pages that transit yearly in documentary trade is important, it is vital to digitalise not only the medium but the processes.

Here comes Nabu, a SaaS document checker driven by artificial intelligence. Our future-proof solution allows you to automatically check the compliance of data present on physical documents or digital platforms.

We strive to modernise trade finance.

Innovation is a priority at Nabu, and we invest most of our ressources and energy in R&D of exciting new features and technologies.

Natural Language Understanding

Training computers to read and understand the structure and meaning of relevant text, thus interpreting any unstructured data.

Computer Vision

Detecting, analyzing and interpreting one or more elements of an image in order to make a decision and perform an action.

Deep Learning

Automatic learning algorithm using an artificial neural network to mimics certain complex concepts in the human brain to learn by itself.

Smart Process Automation

Advanced Robotic Process Automation where bots use artificial intelligence to perform cognitive tasks.

Want to join a fast growing tech company and transform a centuries old industry?

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Did you know?

Nabu was the ancient Babylonian god of literacy, knowledge and wisdom.

Popular around the 1st millenium B.C., Nabu represented the first time humanity institutionnalized the value of knowledge, and was a precursor of the major epochs of scientific enlightenment.

Like a virtual alter ego, our solution relies on OCR and artificial intelligence to read and understand your documents, and use its extensive knowledge of business processes and regulation to digitally ensure they are compliant.